I think I've mentioned many times - human won't change.

My friend gave a rather interesting statement:

Human, after 21 years old, won't change much.

Even if they have changed, but when they're facing the stressed situation - the original them would appear again.

There are people who like to claim themselves as victims - on why people do bad things on them, on why bad things are happening - but they failed to realise that, they were the one who's causing people to do bad things on them/bad things happening

Some of them claimed that they have to be responsible for the screwed up situation they helped created and need to fix it - but yet, you can see that, the actions they've taken were not helping the situation (or you can say, irresponsible)

They failed to realise the importance of these two simple actions:

i) Don't accept for wrong reason
ii) Reject for the right reason

And the saddening fact is that, many dare not to do it.

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