As time goes by,
The things you see
Will be clearer

The direction ahead -
You'll suddenly realise
It's no longer as complicated as used to be

The confusion
Was merely illusion that you created
To try to make yourself feel better

But you felt wrong
Because your instincts tell you that there's something wrong
Just that you were clueless of what are those

Rather than
Sitting here making assumption and speculation
On my own

I'll choose to
With bravery

Whatever the outcome
It might be
At least I've tried

With that
I shall rest the case
With no regrets


Anonymous said...

I teared when I read your post. I'm going through the toughest time in life. You might not know how much it moves me but just want to say thank you very much. It gives me a big slap in the face and tell me to move on. Thanks.

Trevor said...

Anon: Good luck and stay strong!

May the God bless you!