I was searching some MV and found some little stories of this MV, and some non-closely related love story

Michael Bublé wrote this song for his fiancée, an Argentinian model - who was also featured in the MV.

Then, on Vimeo, I saw another guy created an MV based on the same song, to tell his feeling towards a girl, after knowing each other for 5 months:

Back then, they hadn't met in real life because the guy stays in west coast and the girl stayed in east coast. (Hence the song, "Haven't Met You Yet")

Almost month later, the girl responded with an MV based on Mariah Carey's song "All I Want for Christmas is You"

Two days later, i.e. 09/12/09, the girl made a surprise appearance in the airport, and they've started dating since then.

So seems like, the guy had finally met her, and she had the guy for her Christmas.

P/S: Two of the latter videos were shot with Canon 7D - it's superb quality I must stress.