There are things that human won't confess.

There was something happened few months ago, which I did not reveal.

But lately, somehow when I recalled of it - I felt it's good to share the story.

Well, I felt restless after a relationship that didn't work out the way it was promised - I was hurt because I felt cheated on a promise that I was made to believe.

Restless + did not concentrate on road...

Yes, I hit a motorcyclist, with his daughter on the motorcycle.

The old man was in pain
The daughter, with bruises and she was crying for her father.

I sent them to the hospital.

The daughter was ok but the old man would need to be hospitalised.

He suffered some rib fracture.

I saw the old man and daughter suffering - I felt useless.

Because of my unhappiness from a relationship that didn't work out - I transferred my suffering to a family who were totally innocent.

I visited the old man few days later.

I felt a bit relieved cos the old man and the family were kind - they instead said thank you to me for sending the old man to the hospital.

I felt totally embarrassed.

There was another incident happened during the patient visit - the girl involved in that 'relationship', tried to call me, text me and after that, emailed me.

At that time, I felt like it's a sarcasm put on me - I was visiting a patient who suffered the unnecessary pain because of my reckless action, at the same time, the girl questioned on why I chose to move on.

The answer and lesson learned is simple -

1) Don't be selfish and
2) Do not betray your partner, or make yourself becoming a third party, because of the happiness that you could gain in short term. In long term, it's a suffering/sorrow.
3) Don't ever transfer your unhappiness to someone else, they are innocent.

The unhappiness should stop at your side.

And of course, if everybody knows how to appreciate their life, the partner's loyalty and the things around them, this world can be a happier world.

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ront said...

fractured ribs damn painful oi! me pass-go-person