Verdict: This movie still delivers, in a way.

Ops, I forgot to put up the review of this movie.

Basically, many people told me that this movie isn't worth the watch.

I had watched and I can say - don't put too much of high expectation.

A lot of things you've seen are already featured in the first episode - but since you are watching Iron Man 2, you don't expect things like Platinum Man, right?

That's my point here - you are watching the next installment of the comic superhero - so it'll still be the Iron Man.

Story wise, it's quite straight forward and it's very comical like.

There are funny scene, there are funny jokes - just like first episode.

But if you expect to find some new idea out of Iron Man 2, compared to the time you watched Iron Man - I'd suggest you to wait for the movie like... Thor.

Oh, it was featured in the movie, in a way ;)

Rating: 7/10