Yesterday I attended my ex-primary school mate's wedding dinner

Then one of my school mate wanted to buy make up remover, I tagged along and helped her to find what she wanted.

She asked "How come you know all these?"

I said "Sometimes I followed my sister to buy these stuff and sometimes I heard a bit from her, that's how I knew"

She said "So how close are you with your sis?"

I randomly thought of one statement

"Sometimes I helped her to buy pad"

She laughed and we agreed that one line statement explained it all :P


ront said...


you good brother lah

teechong said...
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teechong said...

he even buy "bak fung yun" for his sister even he don't know how pain is the pain like :P
voted for best brother of the year!!!

Trevor said...

@Ron: paiseh :P

@Teechong: come to think about it... ya huh!!! last year i did research on bakfungyun and bought for her.. she said got help a bit wo :D