Since he had apologized and suggested for alternative - OK, that's quite a brave move, it needs hell a lot of courage to admit a mistake for a big corporation.

But how to move forward? Just a quick background, Apple Maps uses GPS data from TomTom. Based on those data, it does its own mapping.

At the same time, TomTom sells GPS app too, on App Store. If you would like to purchase, it cost at least 60USD PER REGION.

Further research on Google, you will find that TomTom is a company that is on par with Garmin, which both make good GPS gadget.

The situation that most users wanted: Apple to put the Google Maps back on the iOS.

But by doing so, users will lose confidence on Apple Maps totally - even though it gets perfected next time.

Again, how Apple Maps will get perfected, is by users' input (crowd-sourcing).

Now Apple is stuck to get to that point, because users simply will try other alternatives.

One of the options, is to buy TomTom, the company.

Yes. To own TomTom.

Then, make those TomTom GPS apps -> Apple Maps.

They will instantly get the experts in making GPS + app.

If Apple wants to be kind to users who purchased TomTom GPS apps - well, Apple can refund by giving the iTunes/App Store credit, which users can spend again on other stuff.

Apple has more cash reserves than government of USA.

This shouldn't be hard to quickly gain the confidence, again.