Verdict: Paying homage to Frankenstein, this stop-animation is a bit dark but fun to watch

So really, it paid homage to Frankenstein the film, hence it is in black and white. But really, I don't feel that I missed anything - in fact I thought black and white works quite well for this film.

This movie tells about a dog was revived using 'scientific' way, but that 'scientific' way was copied by the dog owner's schoolmates, and subsequently created some disastrous moments.

First half of the film was OK, but towards the end, when the experiments went haywire, that's when all the fun parts begin.

I really like the part which Tim Burton (this film's director, just FYI) threw sarcasm on Japanese monsters, which was WTF-ly racist but funny to me :P

Two quotes that I find interesting from the film, roughly as follows:

"Science is not just about using the brain to make things better, it needs the heart. There's no bad things or good things created using science - it is how you use it that makes it good or bad"

"Sometimes, adults don't know what they've said"

It is a refreshing animation to watch, and I'm glad that Tim Burton finally has a good film after so many years & films.

Rating: 8/10