Verdict: Given that this is an impossible character in real life, this movie still played with the bear naturally, and managed to make some senses.

I guess most of us had childhood toy. Well to be frank, I don't quite have any childhood toy that I was extremely obsessed with. And strangely, I have a "manhood toy" that has been with me for 12 years - Francesco. (a reader of this blog once said Francesco is the reason that reduced my manhood-ness, which I had to both agree and disagree)

So this is how the story started - the boy wished that the teddy bear will be brought to life, and the wish was realized.

The reason why I said it is an impossible character in real life is because - this bear swears, take drugs, drinks beer, is a supervisor in a supermarket, has a girlfriend, and it can have sex with girlfriend (with the aid of dildo etc)

Somehow, this movie reminds the inner kiddie side of mine - yes sometimes there are times that we wish we could stay innocent or didn't grow, but we just can't.

While I'm not happy with censorship board on censoring some scenes, this movie still made me happy.

It's fun to watch, anyway.

Rating: 7/10