Verdict: Though occasion cheap scare, the movie still delivers some fresh scary moments.

I hate cheap scare. But apart from some (un)predictable loud bangs that scare you (who wouldn't), this movie, which started slowly, still delivers.

This movie talks about a crime novelist, moved into a house with his family, but it was a house which a family was mysteriously murdered few months ago.

What made this movie a bit different from other super natural movies is that, it at least gave some explanation on the theories - especially on the noises in the house.

I thought the ending is somewhat similar like Looper - simple and original.

Unfortunately, the movie trailer had revealed 50% of the scary moments. (so, don't watch the trailer!)

I look at this movie with different view - the movie is actually a horror story book that the novelist managed to finish.

Rating: 7.5/10