I talked to a friend earlier. My friend didn't believe that our votes can change the future of this country.

That's sad.

My friend added that either opposition or current regime would do the same.

However, my friend admitted that the story is different for Penang.

So I shared the story about Penang - I told the summary of my relatives' awe & shock in Penang, after the last election:

"They didn't like the previous state government (under Gerakan, a BN alliance), so they just vote for opposition - which they didn't plan out together, it was an individual's will. In the end, they were all surprised that they made the change, and Penang is a better state now"

It is the same for Selangor, which, along with Penang, are among the richest states in Malaysia, albeit lack of natural resources compared to poorest states such as Sabah & Sarawak.

So really, the reason we have election, is to vote for change - if you do not have confidence with the current government. It happens every 5 years, you get the chance to choose the better candidate to run the country, if the current screws up - examples shown in many countries around the world, 5 years can't be screwed that bad, if really screwed.

It's the same as you changing the phone - If one day iPhone has become sucks, you have other options such as Android or Windows Phone.

Phone nowadays has yearly (or shorter) update, though ;)