Let's forget about PEMANDU/Police's report that crime rate has reduced.
Let's ignore what media has been reporting on paper/news, about robbery, murder cases etc.

Let's just face it - after so many years:
Getting security guards in housing area has become a necessity,
Hanging out after 9PM will get questions from friends or family that "are you sure you wanna go out this late?"
Public's perception that police will only work harder before festive season. (and on top of that, you know what I actually mean)
Tendency of public chose not to report criminal cases
Robbery or murderer cases has become near uncontrollable situation...
Government chose to apply high definition CCTV for those road offender (i.e. speeding/skip red light), instead of installing on streets to do surveillance on street crime (i.e. robbery,murder cases)

You can tell that the security level of this country has gone towards the wrong direction.