Verdict: Thought provoking with nice Swiss snowy scenery

It's always good to put low expectation on a movie - I did just that for this Spanish movie, and probably that's why I was amazed at its quality.

The story line was rather interesting - set in the future, it is about a man trying to invent a machine that can emulate the the human emotion, and react like a human.

In short, he tried to put emotion into a robot.

This film is emotional, especially the ending. But it is exactly the whole point - emotion is something that, perhaps, robot can't understand, respond, or even emulate.

Because, when one is being emotion, the person can't think straight, when the person can't think straight, the fella will do something 'out of the mind'

I love the futuristic computer interface design (it is somewhat superior than Tony Stark's robot design system in Ironman), I love the twist, I love the meaning behind and it leaves me thinking whether a robot should be a robot, while human should be a human.

(a totally random & separate note: Samsung Galaxy III phone is designed for human, inspired by nature. So the robot can't use the phone)

I believe emotion is something that is hard for robot to express or comprehend effectively, as robot is meant to be a very logical thinking machine.

Simply, emotion in most of the cases doesn't have absolute logic.

Rating: 9/10