Verdict: A great trilogy, finished in Chris Nolan style.

So Chris managed to make the Batman movies, in his style

Though the movie is based on the comic, but movie would make you think - what if those crisis happens? It's freaking possible!

To start with, everybody should manage the expectation - the movie is flawed.

I can name two flawed scenes, that I could remember:
1) How Commissioner was easily found, after wounded
2) How could Bane unnoticed of Bruce Wayne's capture by his own army?

But comic-based movies are meant to be flaw - it's the same thing you'll be asking 'how come Tony Stark didn't die even if he's in the ironman suit? It can't withstand those hit by rocket etc'

OK, throw away those logic, let's move on with the script:

Dark Knight Rises is emotional - removing the superhero portion, it can be an independent story on its own, about what to choose in life, how to move on from pain etc.

Dark Knight Rises is deep - it is deeper than Dark Knight, as it forced even larger group of people to make choices during the crisis.

I thought the ending was good - but I strongly hope that the film company won't wanna extend the franchise of it (well, Chris has already said this will be the last of his Batman series)

It's lengthy - but worth the time.

Rating: 8.5/10