To me, election gives you the chance to choose what you need in life.

For example, my family has been eating Gardenia bread, but as the time pass by, we found that the bread's size has shrunk, and not as tasty as before.

Then we tried High 5 bread - not bad.
And lastly we found Massimo - even tastier at even competitive price.

We've been sticking with it since last year.

Every loaf of bread has its expiry date.
Finishing a loaf of bread is like giving you a chance to choose the brand again.

That's the same purpose of election.

Old doesn't mean gold - discover yourself with the news on internet, read them.

Anybody who can vote, should be mature enough to think independently, on which party makes more sense, and whether the party's pledge meets your needs.

Then, you should be able to choose who you want to vote.

Government is just a product you choose to run this country - you have the rights to choose/switch to a better product that suits your needs.