It's fun to watch this movie. From high mountain, to tropical forest, to desert, to Egypt.

You get to see mammoth, terror birds, saber toothed tiger.

Oh yah, and also the four-legged demon (it's actually a horse)

The storyline is simple, it's impossible if you don't understand the story.

It's fantastic and it looks a bit like "exodus from Egypt" (but in this movie, it's exodus of the warrior from everywhere to Egypt)

You get to see "big bird" (ship), "high mountain" (pyramid) and many kinds of aborigines.

If you cut off those violent scene (e.g. spear sticking activity), it's perfectly suitable for children to watch.

The CG was nice.

Bottom line: It's like watching National Geography.

Rating: 6/10

P/S: the main actress in the movie was.. yummy (a borrowed term from Ronnie)