That's the slogan of Tesco :)

But that was the statement best describing the employee's contribution.

Few days ago I went back to my previous office. I chatted with numerous of people. Of all the conversation, I must say all were fruitful.

Some of the conclusions:

Every employee understand the situation around his/her position better than anybody else.

Therefore, don't be stingy to share out your point of view. If you don't share, nobody knows. But if you share, you are giving the company the chance to improve. You are also giving yourself a chance to have better job satisfaction as well.

My opinion: it's kinda simple, if you think you've done your best but the company doesn't appreciate it, you can always look for another company which will appreciate your work :)

I was part of the team who initiated two small documentation projects.

And I was glad that with the help of my successor, Nicole, the two projects (it's an ongoing projects) had achieved good results:

1) One of them helped the new comer to pick up fast, as well as helping the rest of the helpdesk-er searched the info fast.

2) The other project was initially aimed to improve the technical skill of the helpdesk. But somehow, after repackaging etc etc etc, it was somehow recognised by people from US (!!!!!)

I was very happy. Because I didn't expect the things I once contributed, can be useful to that extend in the latter days.

Hence, every little helps. You may not see it now, but you won't know what will happen later either :)

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Anonymous said...

Always think for the next generation and will motivate you to work and it won't the a routine work anymore!

It requires 120% of your time, but you'll found it worth it. Although you might live to see it... ;)