It might be too late to set the target for my not-so-new job.

But basically, this is the plan.

1) It's a new project, a lot of things to be adapted with new technology.

Therefore I put high importance on innovation.

2) Secondly it's a team work. Therefore a team spirit must be there before you can even talk about knowledge sharing. We are on the same boat, if one fail, everyone will be affected.

3) Thirdly, optimisation, there are a lot of unidentified processes. Which is similar to the previous project I was in. If we could find out and get rid of unneccessary processes(mainly due to assumption/kiasu-ism(wanting to have "nice to have" processes)/kiasi-ism(afraid to be responsible for something)) that, is already an optimisation in place.

4) Lastly, speed. It's very important to catch up because this company REALLY have a lot of processes. It's too many processes that sometimes will choke you of and now it's giving us obstacles and surprises everyday.

But every processes has its own purposes.

That's one of the reason why this company is a strong company - it's good at executing the processes.

I hope I can achieve the target stated. But it depends how good I can work with the team.

Lord, please give me the patience, wisdom and the strength to get thru this.