Personally I think religion shouldn't be part of the country policy, especially in the world nowadays, where pluralism is a norm.

First, many laws from the religion were created many many years ago - some of the elements might not be relevant to the society nowadays

Second, it's a nature that human will compare - if you apply law to a certain group, that others get different treatment, that's when the frictions started

What made the above two points worse is that, information flows easily nowadays, it's easy to compare with other people, other countries or even other religions

Just think of religion as a music genre: Would it make sense to play techno music in a classical music concert, and ask audience to accept it as it is?

No. The audience will leave, the audience will protest.

Therefore, in this country, it cannot be a wishy-washy hope that it is a secular state, as well as Islamic state.

Just my two cents - someone really need to make it clear.