Verdict: For a film that's meant for kid, it is suitable for adults too, as it demonstrated beautiful imagination.

This animated film talks about Jack Frost, and how he became the children's guardian to save the world from darkness, along with Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and (sweet) dream maker.

Perhaps the weakest point of this film was that it started slowly.

Quite sluggish to be honest.

The graphic was nice but not at the awesome level. Perhaps kids won't realise and they don't care. For a moment I even though their facial expressions were too stiffled, and their conversation is lack of passion (i know this is like pin-pointing the smallest details that didn't quite matter, but here am relating to the standard nowadays)

But from the middle till the end of movie, all the fairies showed off their magic and charm - this is where the imagination portion kicked in. Quite well done I must say.

The takeaway from the film is simple yet practical: As long as you still believe in something, you can turn the impossible into possible.