Verdict: A film full of randomness, I don't quite get the actual goal of this movie. But I guess it is trying to describe a little drama happened during that time.

The movie started in random fashion, ended in random fashion.

The randomness give you some inspiration on new way to film or describe something - which in a way, is good.

The story tells how a young male, in the 13-15, randomly fell for a girl around that age. They planned for running away from their parents, then they were randomly married. A storm randomly came, it randomly created drama on the church and they wanted to suicide but were eventually saved.

The colour, the casting, the production are top notch - but it lacks of intense drama like "Argo". For that, it loses some points.

It is still a film worth watching - who said a film must be filmed in orthodox way?

Rating: 8.5/10