Verdict: Finally, Shrek has come to an end

I'm not a particular big fan of Shrek, BUT I like the way the movie was made, using the animation.

What I'm trying to say, they tried 'film' the scene with animation - that's the part when you feel 'wow, there's this slow-mo in animation!'

Ok, Shrek is still Shrek - the trademark won't run away.

It still tries to turn the fairy tale upside down.

Graphic is good and the joke is good.

But I feel tired for Shrek, after 3 episodes, so I felt that this is a good finale.

It's still a 'happily ever after' kind of fairy tale but I somehow felt funny that the ending shares some similarities with Prince of Persia.

Go watch it and have a good laugh.

Rating: 6.5/10