First composition in 2008!!!

Lyric is Draft 5 and it is final.

Song Info
This song tells the feeling of a man (here it means me, obviously :P)

Work has never been ending but yet - the demon side tells me that i'm lonely and need to get something

But normally - I'm fine!!! Even though I do things alone, like watching movie, shopping - but I just feel fine. This is the angel side and it often tells me, perhaps you are really busy and should stay like this until you settle down a bit.

So I need the angel side more - the rational side.

Or end up, split personality, perhaps? :P


Have you heard the story about,
One angel with demon in your heart

I don't know and I'm confused on my feeling
I'm truly lost inside.

Like the wind my feeling's changed
I could see rainbow after rain.
I've got life, but I'm worked out
Till I can't truely see myself.

Would it be better if we dance on night?
It will be lovely if we can make it shine.
Cos with you I feel my demon is damned,
By your holy angel smile.

Nothing else matters if I've angel's bless
Demon should now create no more mess.
Cos with you is really all that I need.
I know I can't ask for more