First song of 2008! :-D

Am currently searching the chord for the song and the monkey seems to be quite unhelpful ;)
lyric still at draft stage - to further beautify (updated to draft #4 on 11/1/08)

This song basically talks about a man's bored life, which he's already got used with, but sometime and somehow, guess the loneliness kills, so he may seem to be desperate at time :P

So he needs an angel's help to tame/damn the demon side of his.


Have you heard the story about,
One angel with demon in your heart

I don't know and I'm confused on my feeling
I'm truly lost inside.

Like the wind my feeling's changed
I could see rainbow after rain.
I've got life, but I'm so worked out
Till I can't truely see myself.

Would it be better if we dance on night?
Wouldn't it be lovely if you make it shine? 
Cos with you I feel my demon is damned,
By your holy angel smile.

I will read story before you go to bed
I will be standing by should you need my hand
Cos with you is really all that I need.
I know I can't ask for more