My grandpa waived goodbye to us on Christmas day, he passed away in his sleep, which had seemed to be an exhausted day for him.

He is a classic Hakka husband - thrifty living, but love the wife so much that he can forget the rule of being thrifty.

My late granny was a fan of direct sales products - yes, the sales just love her - I remember grandpa was grumpy about the necessity of the products, yet in the end, still gave in.

When my granny wanted to stay in somewhere that is cooling, he immediately bought a unit of condo at genting. How lovely.

Then my late granny had to walk with stick. There was one occasion I was with them in the lift. The moment the lift door open, the first thing my grandpa did was to hold her hand. How sweet.

That was in year 2007, the year I struggled with work. I took the opportunity to relax at Genting during some of the weekends. I'm glad I did, which since to be the last few months I could spend with my late granny.

Needless to say, the departure of my granny was a big blow to him - it was a surprise as it happened within a month from the moment she was hospitalised.

Back to my grandpa, for the past 7 years, he had been unhappy. We tried to bring him to travel around but in recent years, his legs are not as good as before, coupled with serious obesity issue.

About 2 months ago, he had a fall. From there on, his health had worsen, first was the serious water retention issue on his legs, which he was reluctant to see doctor until 3 weeks ago.

He was hospitalised when we were in Bangkok. On 15th Dec, the day we came back from Bangkok, we as a family immediately visited him in the hospital.

That was our last time communicating with him as one family.

In the hospital, it seems he didn't eat for the past 1 (or 2?) days, my sister and I fed him with biscuit and milk. I could still recall the scene when he ate the biscuit hungrily, my heart sank.

I'm glad I managed to do something for both my late grandparents before their departure. Not something great but something I hope I had given some little care.

The rest is history.

The reason I put the song, Real Love, is dedicated to my grandpa.

He won't be alone now as he, after 7 years, is reunited with my late granny in better place.

Rest in peace, grandpa. You will be missed and we love you.