I dreamed that I went to a subway station (similar to the abandoned subway station in spiderman 2 2014) to catch a python.

We went to second floor and there were two guys who were killed by the python.

Lastly a guy managed to chop off the head of python, but one of the deceased guy's wife didn't believe that her husband was dead and want to send to hospital n

Suddenly there was one train approaching in subway station. I stopped the train and managed to get help from the train driver to carry the body into the train.

We delivered the body to city centre then transited to a car. We drove towards the city centre but we were actually driving thru the desert.

I was sitting at the back, with the bodies on my right and head of python on my left.

After we had arrived in city centre, we decided to take a lunch. Went to a local Japanese restaurant. There I met an ex colleague at IBM. He is a Thai hence I greeted him in Thai and I spoke some basic Thai with him

Another friend of mine said we've got a job in that city centre. So we left our stuff in the restaurant to sign the offer letter at that company.

There I saw my Australian ex boss in a Volvo. But she pretended that she didn't see me

After we've got the offer letter it started raining. They were running but I chilled and covered my head with offer letter

When we were back to the restaurant it was closed. We had to wait for it to reopen again.

That's when I woke up