Yesterday I had a "judgement day"-ish dream.

Everybody was running for their life, on the land of no life.

A huge piece of dark cloud approaches us.

It seems it will first choose a person, then the punishment will be given if the person is found sinful.

A chosen person will be sucked by the dark cloud to the middle of the air, then the sinned person will be dropped hard onto the ground.

By the time it reached the ground, the body was already charcoal look alike.

I was running for my life too. I was able to dodge a few times, witnessing the person beside me being sucked into the sky.

At one point, I stood up and stared at the dark cloud with fierce thunder. The land was dry with no rain falling. The wind was strong but there's no sand or smell at all.

I thought to myself: This is a judgement day.

That's when I opened my eyes from dream. Time: 530AM