Whatever campaign that people participate, apart from posting an Fb photo that you are "participating", what really matters is will you take action as communicated on the campaign's objectives.

Would you stop wasting food after the hunger campaign?

Would you really find ways to stop wasting electricity in daily life after you switch off lights for 1 hour in Earth Hour?

Would you stop buying smartphone(it's hard for me to stop using, I admit), or change the existing working smartphone to the newer one, (this I can do it easily) because you know the impact of rare earth production waste - because smartphone needs rare earth material?

Would you stop using plastic bag, or at least start reusing plastic bag, because you know it harms the environment?

Would you contribute your vote in coming election, knowing that it helps to make a change?

Everything starts from small. Everything is small before it becomes big.

Everything is hard before it becomes easy.

It really depends on you, whether you're just a campaigner, or an influencer with your action.

It starts from small and it starts from you.