CJ7 was... disappointing.

I didn't watch it with high expectation, but yet, I'm still disappointed.

The fact is that, the creature was really really cute.

But that's it.

The story was kinda.. no point.

That reminds me of a movie with similar approach - Rob-B-hood - a movie with focus on the cuteness of the baby, but with the near empty and not logical storyline.

CJ7 tried to emphasise the importance of the family spirit, but not really convincing
I thought CJ7 added unnecessary scene like exaggerated fighting scene, the parody of Stephen Chow's movie - Kung Fu Hustle - when the child flew to the sky etc.

And the ending - I dunno why there's such an ending - it leaves me a big question mark "So?"

That's why I said Kung Fu Dunk was at least a bit more logical than this one.

This is the worst movie of Stephen's, compared to the previous two.

Rating: 5.5/10