Recently there are lots of nice movie sequel, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men, Superman, Batman.

This one is no exception :)

The first ten minutes had already caught my attention - the zombie (erm, actually they are the victims of the 'rage' virus) chase in the house - I was on the edge of my seat.

-- Spoiler Begins--
The agressive Infected (taken from

'28 Weeks Later'
Chasing (taken from

Note that it was still talking about the pre-28 weeks later era.

Then, the movie moved on to the "28 weeks later" era, which was talking about the restoration of an area in London called Isle of Dogs

The virus somehow and in some way reinfected the human again, and it's spreading fast.

Through out the chasing (by "The Infected") and hiding (to the military code-red operation)
There are a lot of action and tense, not to forget about the beautiful scene of London (London Eye, Big Ben, St Paul's Cathedral and not to forget, the New Wembley Stadium)

Rose Byrne and Jeremy Renner in  28 Weeks Later.
Hiding (taken from

That's what I liked about the movie.

I also find the watching-in-the-dark-with-Sniper-gun-at-the-underground scene is unique too.

Unfortunately, the virus eventually spread out to Europe(!)

And it's up to audience imagination on how. But it's kinda logic actually :)
-- Spoiler Ends --

Rating: 7 (+1 on nice camera shot) /10
Pros: Lots of action pack scene, tense, it's not those horror movies that use the sound effect to scare people, but rather the action + situation.
Cons: Gory and violent(the helicopter-power scene, though it's creative :P). Plus, the main character of the Rage Infected is too powerful, ok... First, he was able to get into the lab to be infected(super access card? No security guard?), then he was also able to track down where Andy and Tammy were heading, and eventually infected Andy.

Bottom Line: It's nice! I must say, you may want to watch "28 Days Later" before you go for this. IF you like 28 Days Later, am sure you're gonna like this one too ;)

In the movie, somehow it reminds me of US Army in Iraq - killing the innocent, guarding the green zone etc, is that a hidden agenda? Plus, in this movie, you can see that humanity was one of the reason why the Rage virus spread out again.(Ironic, eh?)

Oh yeah, there are quite a number of good British movie lately! Would be nice if you wanna take a break from the American's.

The hurting part in this movie, is not about The Infected killing the Un-infected, but rather, the massacre taken between human and human.

I also like one of the music in the movie, which was first available in 28 Days Later, but heavily used in this movie - In the House - In A Heart by John Murphy


ZMiN said...

Hahaha speaking of British Movies... do you know that the cast of Shaun of the Dead came out with a new movie as well? I saw the trailer on TV, but I don't remember what it is about!

Trevor said...

Yes I know, it's called Hot Fuzz.

Damn funny ok... i really laughed out loud for their brainless (but at the sametime, quite make sense too :P )

It's another bloody gory but funny movie ;)

You should watch it, if you enjoy those brainless comedy like i do.